Weight Management for Pets

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight with our weight management program.

Excess weight can create serious health complications for your furry family members. We want to ensure your pet lives as long with you as possible and we’d like to control anything that could get in the way of that. Pet obesity is often caused by too much food. Hormonal influences, genetic factors, as well as other underlying diseases could be connected to it. Creating a weight management plan allows us to help your pet maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What health issues does obesity cause in pets?

If your pet is carrying extra weight, it can:

  • Increase their risk of heart disease
  • Increase the risk of arthritis and strain on the joints
  • Cause joint pain and make it harder for your pet to move around comfortably
  • Cause breathing, skin and hair coat problem
  • Lead to diabetes and other lifelong health issues

How does pet weight management work?

Obesity can impact your pet’s overall quality of life as well as your ability to engage with them. First, our veterinary team will rule out and treat any underlying issues that could be the cause of your pet’s obesity. For example, hypothyroidism can cause excessive weight gain. Next, our veterinary team will determine your furry friend’s weight relative to their breed, age, etc. Then, we can provide guidelines about how we can work together to achieve their ideal weight. If you have concerns about your pet’s weight and/or are interested in a weight management consultation, please contact us at 604-544-7387.

What might a weight management plan for pets include?

We’ll recommend a reduction in your pet’s daily calorie intake. This might mean less processed treats or changes in the types of food they eat. Increasing your pet’s exercise and activity level is another effective weight loss method. Each weight management plan focuses on your pet’s specific health needs and is catered towards helping them be their healthiest selves.

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