Ensuring a peaceful and dignified farewell for your beloved pet.

Our veterinary team empathises with you as you consider one of the most difficult decisions you’ll need to make about your pet’s life. Ultimately, the final decision is up to you but our team can provide insight about the best options for your pet. If your pet is extremely sick or experiencing poor quality of life because of injuries or a decline in their health, the kindest things you can do for your pet is to peacefully help them transition with euthanasia.

How do I know when it’s time to say goodbye to my pet?

Before you make your decision, our veterinary team will discuss your pet’s health with you, emphasising the implications on their quality of life, chances of recovery, potential disabilities and long-term problems. We recommend you take your time to thoughtfully consider your options, leaning on the expertise of our team if you have further questions about your pet’s condition. One of the main things to consider with your family is the ways your pet’s quality of life is being impacted. If your pet doesn’t enjoy the things they used to, is experiencing lots of pain or hasn’t seemed like themselves in a while, honouring your pet’s life by allowing them to transition peacefully might be the best option. Please contact our veterinary team at 604-544-7387 if you need support with your decision.

How do I explain euthanasia to my family/children?

It’s best to use a simple definition especially when discussing the process with children. It might be helpful to use picture books or videos to help your child understand what’s happening. Start by explaining the procedure is performed by experts, like our veterinarians with over 16 years of experience, so your pet is in good hands. It might also be helpful to mention the procedure is only for pets who are extremely sick or in lots of pain. Next, you can discuss how pets are given a special medication that puts them in a deep sleep immediately, allowing them to pass away more comfortably.

How do I deal with the loss of my pet?

Before the procedure, it’s important for your family and loved ones to enjoy your pet’s final moments. On the day of their appointment, a few family members might want to visit your pet at the hospital. Regardless of how you decide to say your goodbyes, it’s important to know grief and sorrow are a natural part of losing your beloved pet. The grieving process includes accepting the reality of your loss, accepting that the loss and accompanying feelings are painful, and adjusting to your new life that no longer includes your pet.

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